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Only 5% of Traders Make Money in the stock market and Rest of 95% Loses their Money. Let’s check some facts:

  • They don’t know the market trend; they just trade according their wish.
  • They don’t trade; they just gamble like Target hit, Stop Loss hit because they don’t have any plan for trade.
  • They don’t know about Capital Management and Risk Management.
  • They blindly believe the Analysts and create a loss. An analyst cannot understand the feelings, emotions, fear and greed of the trader. The analyst doesn’t know the capital and risk capacity of trader, which can be different for every trader. Ultimately, their tip can lead you to the loss.
  • To recover this loss, they start the over trade and its lead to heavy and continuous loss.

You want to be among these 5% Successful Traders, but don’t know How??

The answer is here:

Planned Trade + Systematically Investment = Financial Freedom


SmartNiftyTrader is not any advisory or online trading tips provider company. SmartNiftyTrader is a team of real traders with over 10 years of experience. SmartNifyTrader is having a system of trade, which helped us to create wealth, and same we share with our members. We share same trade and trading strategies with our members, which we use personally.

  • We are also traders like you, but we know when to trade with risk and when not.
  • We never trust on any quick rich become scheme. We create wealth systematically.
  • We believe in Planned Trade + Systematically Investment.
  • We strongly believe in Capital Management and Risk Management.
  • We do not trade in gambling style like Stop Loss Hit, Target Hit.
  • We do trade in Equity, Derivatives (Future and Options), Commodity and Currency.
  • We do Intraday trading, Swing trading, Positional trading and Investment in Stocks, IPO, Mutual funds and Gold ETF.
  • We have developed our own simple trading strategies for Trading and Investment.
  • We try to take 5-10 % profit per month on our initial invested capital and reinvest it.
  • We stay invested in the stock market for a long time and enjoy the power of compounding.
“Usually Intraday Stock traders book small profit early, and stand long time in loss due to lack of knowledge of stop loss and targets, I got to know this scenario from the brand named SmartNiftyTrader.”
Mr. Suresh Kumar


  • You will get Real Trades from SmartNiftyTrader Team.
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  • You will learn Capital and Risk management with SmartNiftyTrader Team.
  • You will get Financial Education from SmartNiftyTrader Team.
  • You will get Trading Education via Webinar or Video or Email from SmartNiftyTrader Team.
  • You will learn Technical and Fundamental analysis from SmartNiftyTrader Team.
  • You will learn Intraday strategies for Equity, Commodity and Currency market.
  • You will get Help with your Portfolio management by SmartNiftyTrader Team.
  • You don’t need to stay in front of the terminal all day.
  • You just need to spend 60 minutes a month for trading.
  • You will have stress free trading experience.
  • You can enjoy your personal and professional life in a much better way.
  • You can create wealth systematically by using the power of compounding for a better future.

You need to STOP the gambling, and START the trading.

You need to STOP loss money, and START the create wealth.

You need to STOP trading with stress, and START trading with confidence.

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