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Smart Nifty Trader is not a tip providing company, so we don’t give you any tips. We have our own UNIQUE WEALTH CREATION  PROGRAM. We follow our own created UNIQUE SNT TRADE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. We just share our real positional trade with our members. That means in which trade we will enter, only will share with our members with same entry and exit levels. Our Membership charges are lower. We are real traders and making money from our real trades. So, we are able to keep our membership charges lowest. This is the best membership plan to busy working persons who want to create wealth with the peaceful mind.

Features of Membership:

  • All Trades are in NSE STOCK FUTURE & OPTIONS segment only.
  • We follow our own created UNIQUE SNT TRADE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
  • We trade only high probability trade, where there is any strong reason.
  • We do only 1-3 positional future trade in a month with proper hedging.
  • We keep only 1-2 open position at a time.
  • We can hold our trade 1-2 months or more also, so you must have patience.
  • We try to take 5-10 % profit per month on our initial invested capital and reinvest it.
  • All calls have proper Capital Management and Risk Management.
  • We keep updating our members during the trade.
  • We share our trades and trading method with our members through Telegram Group.
  • You should have Rs.1.5-2 Lakh capital for trade.

“Be Part of India’s Most Successful Trading Community Where You Can Start Your Financial Freedom Journey with Professional Traders.”

Do You Want to See Our Live Trade, Trading Style and Performance?

We are not going to show you any fake excel sheet like other tips providing companies. You can watch our previous live trade, which we gave to our member’s Telegram channel. Where you can verify our previous trades. You can see our trading style also.

If you want to be a part of our Telegram channel to confirm our previous trades including by visiting our Telegram channels before joining SNT then just send a message at our Telegram number +91-9783469585 and we shall add you in our Member’s Telegram channel.

A Track Record of Our Success


  • Capital Management :   You should have sufficient capital to trade. Most of the traders lose money because they don’t have proper capital management. They want to make 10K per day with 20K capital. This can be 1 or 2 days, but not possibly every day. In the long run, you will lose all your capital. So, Capital Management is the key of success in trading. Capital Management helps you to emotion free trade. We strictly follow our capital management rule. We never over leverage. Always under leverage. Uncontrolled emotions are the primary reason for loss money in the stock market. You can’t control your emotion by over leverage. So if you want to control your emotion. You should have always under leveraged during your trade.
  • Risk Management :   Risk Management is very important. Similarly, capital management, we strictly follow risk management. We do not use Stop loss in our trade. We do not believe in Stop loss because in like this trading one day, TGT hit and another day SL day and end of the month all balance. The trader just gains Headache, nothing else. But that doesn’t mean we don’t follow risk management. We have our Trade Management System that helps to manage risk and convert to loss-making trades into a profit by using special Trade management which is based on Advance Options. We protect our capital by hedging with our special hedging techniques when needed. 
  • Patience :  You need to be patience in trading. You have to give time to your trade. Wealth is not built in a day or week. It is slowly accumulated systematic way. We don’t restrict our trade to in any time frame. We allow for our trade to take its time. Always keep in mind that how much will be a time frame of your trade bigger, it will have more probability to win [That’s why Intraday trading is calling gambling and most of the traders lose in it but mostly investors make money].
  • Fundamental Analysis :   Always Long fundamentally strong stock and short fundamentally weak stock. We have our tested method for fundamental analysis.
  • Technical Analysis :  Always Long a fundamentally strong stock at SUPPORT LEVEL & Short a fundamentally weak stock at RESISTANCE LEVEL. We have a technical setup for finding support and resistance.
  • Trading Plan :  You should have a strong reason to enter into a trade. Why you are entering into a trade, it should be clear in your mind. It is the most important factor in trading. That’s why most traders lose money after knowing fundamental and technical analysis because they always hurry to enter into a trade. So first Plan a Trade, then Trade that Plan.
  • Discipline :  While Trading discipline needs to be exercised at all times and sometimes not. When you are wrong, you should strongly stick with discipline. You must develop a discipline to stick a strategy and follow it.
  • Real Trade:  It is the most important factor. As you know, the smart, nifty trader is not any advice or tips providing company. The smart, nifty trader is a team of real traders. We are self doing trade so we can understand the traders’ emotion, fear and greed.

Planned Trade + Systematically Investment = Financial Freedom

How to Join Smart Nifty Trader Team


1. Choose the PACKAGE you want.
2. Pay Subscription charges Online through Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking or Deposit Cash / Online Transfer to Our BANK ACCOUNT.
3. After making a successful payment, please send your transaction details on “”.
4. If you have any query you can call at +91-9783469585 or mail at “”.

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