Unique SNT Positional Trade Management System

We have designed a simple positional trading strategy to you to be master in trading futures and options. I shall not teach you that buy when RSI oversold and sell when RSI overbought like methods. Instead teach you some of the complete positional trading techniques which you can use easily and make big profits from it. This trading strategy will teach you plan a trade like how to find exact entry and exit of trade, how to hedge your trade, which strike price should be select, how to manage trade, when to book profit and most important how to convert loss making trade into profit. All trading process is explained in step by step. Very easy to scan the market and take the decision. After learning this strategy, you will never pay any money to any stock tips provider ever.

Features of Online Training:

  • This is an online Training.
  • You can join Online Training anytime.
  • You will get 2-3 hours online training for explaining the Unique SNT Positional Trade Management System.
  • Ask your doubts/queries using email and phone post online training.
  • You can ask any kind of query through email and phone, we shall resolve it.
  • Language: Hindi & English

Pre-Requirements for Training:

  • As its online Training, so you must have an internet connection.
  • We shall explain you through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout, you must install it (it’s Free).
  • You should have basic knowledge of the Stock market.



  • This Unique SNT Positional Trade Management System is useful for Full-time traders as well as Part-time traders.
  • It is Positional Trade for NSE STOCK FUTURE & OPTIONS segment only.
  • The Aim of this Strategy to Create Wealth with peaceful mind.
  • In this using Future position is hedged with options, so no need take Stop loss.
  • The position is properly hedged. So, you no need worry about overnight Gap UP/DOWN.
  • No Need any Complex Technical Chart Setups and Options Data.
  • A simple but Powerful Technical Setup and Trade Management system.
  • You will learn how to plan your trade and how to trade your plan.
  • It is Working in both directions long and short.
  • All trading process is explained in step by step.
  • First you will learn, how to select stock for positional trading.
  • after that, you will learn how to find trend.
  • after that, you will learn how to find entry point.
  • after that, you will learn how to plan trade and manage trade.
  • after that, you will lean how to exit from trade.
  • You will learn how to convert loss making trade into profitable trade.
  • You should have Rs.1.5-2 Lakh capital for trade as required margin is high for overnight position.
  • Very easy to take the decision.
  • You don’t need to stay in front of the terminal all day.
  • You will have stress free trading experience.
  • You can enjoy your personal and professional life in a much better way.
  • You can create wealth systematically by using the power of compounding for a better future.
  • Capital management and Risk management for the trade.
  • We will support continuously after teaching this strategy.
  • You can ask any kind of query through mail and phone.
  • It does not waste your time with theories. The training teaches you actual trading techniques in detail.
  • This is pure a trading strategy teaching, not any technical analysis course so we will explain only methods.

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